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Issue 10 (01/11/2021)

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The news

Image What to do with Material You in Flutter?

Material You (or Material 3)
At Google I/O this year, Google not only took the opportunity to present Android 12, but also a new version of its Material graphics library flag_lng. In this new iteration flag_lng, the idea is to put the user at the center by customizing the interface according to the his/her desktop's background.

Flutter: a good pupil
Historically, Flutter has always been one of the first frameworks to implement new features in the most complete way possible. Material You was no exception to the rule, because just a few hours after the announcements, the first Widgets showed up.

Yes, but…
Flutter now supports Material versions 1 and 2 in a transparent way. How to make the transition to version 3? This is a question that is being debated on GitHub flag_lng, since an "enable v3" attribute, or even a migration to the null-safety proves to be complicated to implement, due to the fact that many sizes have evolved and that the risk of "breaking" existing applications is high. As it is, the Googler Hixie proposes flag_lng to make Material 3 available as a dependency, to avoid any problem. To be continued!

Image Android 12L: a version optimized for foldable screens

Foldable smartphones hype:
Microsoft Surface Duo, Samsung Galaxy ZellersMicrosoft Surface Duo, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip/Fold…, phones with foldable screens are multiplying, but user experience optimization depends largely on manufacturers' efforts. Google will therefore release a 12L version (also named Sv2) to fix the problem and standardize the interface. The public version will be released in Q1 2022 (together with a Pixel Fold?).

Letterbox mode
This version mainly modifies the Android graphical aspect, because the APIs (multi-window, tablet mode…) already exist. Nevertheless, if your application only offers a smartphone version, it will switch to letterbox mode. In practical terms today, the application tries to fill the whole screen, whereas with this mode, it will appear in smartphone format. It will still be better than today, anyway.

But also
Looking at differences in APIs flag_lng, we note the addition of a class dedicated to sound spatialization flag_lng or then again changes for the VoiceInteractionSession.

Image Samsung will speed things up with Tizen

Tizen, Samsung's operating system
Samsung phones use Android as their operating system. For the rest of its ecosystem (including its televisions or connected watches), the Korean giant has opted for Tizen. The system seems to have a fair amount of stability, despite a rather meager application store in terms of content.

A partnership with Google
In May 2021, Samsung announced it would return to Wear OS (an Android-based operating system) for its connected watches. Tizen's future seemed to be gathering dust at the time, but a Git was simultaneaously made available flag_lng, to allow the development of Flutter applications for Tizen. Out of the blue, regular commits have been released since then.

Tizen opens to other manufacturers
At its developer conference flag_lng, Samsung announced it wants to expand its reach by allowing à other manufacturers to use Tizen flag_lng (although it has not given any names yet). This is great news for us Flutter developers, as we will not only be able to develop applications for Android TV, but also for Tizen!

Miscellaneous news in brief

⏫ A new version of Flutter is available on the beta channel: 2.7.0-3.1-pre

✨ On the Flutter Pull Requests side, we can note:

  • In order to better manage multiple Pub.dev (official or internally hosted), the pub command will have three subcommands token add, token list and token remove (PR #91014 flag_lng).
  • To facilitate the debugging of Flutter applications (on VSCode in particular), a mechanism of Debug Adapter Protocol flag_lng is being integrated (PR #91802 [GITHUB])
  • If you use the FadeInImage Widget, you will be able to give a BoxFit for the placeholder (PR #91802 flag_lng)

🎙️ A Flutter job offer flag_lng at Spotify has been posted, and it's specifically for Soundtrap, which helps with podcast creation.

🔥 FlutterFire, the set of packages for Firebase in Flutter is coming to Linux and Windows flag_lng!

🤖 Flutter Widget Bot flag_lng is a Twitter bot that unearths a new Widget or class from the Flutter documentation every day. Useless, hence indispensable!

🪟 Since last week, Microsoft Insiders can test Android apps on Windows 11 via the Amazon AppStore. If you want to additionally install GApps (Maps, Play Store…), everything is explained to you here flag_lng.

✍️ Compose Multiplatform flag_lng, the framework using the same type of syntax as Flutter, goes into beta to generate web and desktop content.

🤦♂️ Writing code is a bit like writing text… despite all our good will, we still make some mistakes. Here's a little digest of the gems unearthed in QT and KDE flag_lng.

📱 An illustrated study flag_lng shows that over the last 10 years, the cost of iPhone components has increased by 60%, mainly because of the photo module.

👔 LinkedIn had launched a service to connect companies and freelancers. After an initial success in the United States, it is now being rolled out more widely flag_lng.

Dart/Flutter articles and tutorials

Dart/Flutter libraries

Lib bitdojo_window

bitdojo_window : Customize the window on Flutter desktop applications

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

This package makes it easy for you to create and manipulate windows for the desktop versions of your applications. You will be able to manage their size, positioning or title. Finally, you can even customize the shape and the background color as well.

Lib flutter_acrylic

flutter_acrylic : The acrylic mode on Linux & Windows

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

Blurring is trendy, with an effect called "acrylic". This package allows you to get it on both Windows and Linux.

Lib flutter_quill

flutter_quill : A “rich” text editor

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

You want to allow your users to write text with formatting? This is what this ultra-complete package allows you to do, with the classic bold, underline…, but also color management, modification history, image insertion…

The vidéo

Image One year of videos!

One year of videos!

The Firebase Release Notes flag_lng are a series of monthly videos that let you know more about the new features deployed on the Google service. In the latest issue, we learn that the Realtime Database now works with Flutter Web. Bonus: you can also win t-shirts!

The tools

Image Outil Awesome Web Apps

Awesome Web Apps : A list of services open to all

Nowadays, almost all services require you to create an account, but on the contrary this list gives you the ones you can use without logging in. Of course, there are fewer of them, but it's worth it anyway!

Image Outil cloc

cloc : Count the number of files, comments... in your project

cloc (for Count Lines of Code) is a tool dedicated to developers, since it will count the number of empty lines, comments, but especially those including code. A special feature is that these different counts are generated by file type (e.g., JSON, XML, Dart…).

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