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Issue 07 (10/11/2021)

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The news

Image Two major launches: Android 12 & Windows 11

Last week featured the arrival of two new releases for the operating systems that dominate their ecosystems: Android for mobile and Windows for desktop.

Windows 11
Microsoft released Windows latest version a few hours ahead of schedule flag_lng. While Windows 10 was supposed to be the new ultimate version, the Redmond giant has noticed that the regular updates no longer allow it to have as much exposure as it used to, and therefore wishes to remedy this. In addition to the many controversies about support for computers that are too "old", Windows 11 will mark the introduction of Android applications… but only in a few months.

Android 12
The arrival of Android 12 could almost be described as a non-announcement, given that its introduction was done in secret. The source code is indeed available on AOSP (Android's opensource part) and all the APIs are at our disposal. However, Pixel phones will only receive this version in a few weeks, probably after October 19 (at 7pm Paris time), when flag_lng Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be presented, or even at the Android Dev Summit (October 27 and 28). As for other brands, it will happen as usual: at random!

Image It's Hacktoberfest month!

For its eighth edition, the month of October is dedicated to opensource via the Hacktoberfest. This is a straightforward idea flag_lng: you have to contribute to the community by creating Pull Requests, or, conversely, you have to validate them. The first 50,000 to do so can receive a t-shirt or plant a tree.

Which projects?
Generally speaking, all projects hosted on GitHub or GitLab are eligible, provided 4 Pull Requests are validated. We recommend OpenFoodFacts flag_lng: a French project that consists in establishing a huge food database (the Wikipedia of food, if we caricature).

You can also opt for AppWrite flag_lng, the open source competitor to Firebase. If you would like to potentially receive a Dash plush toy flag_lng (the Flutter mascot), contribute to the Flutter Plus plugins flag_lng. Otherwise, the full list of projects can be found at this link flag_lng.

Miscellaneous news in brief

⏫ As each month the IDE plugins have been updated. We note improvements for unit tests. On the IntelliJ side, version M61.2 flag_lng gives access to the new Flutter template and lets you save files automatically. As for VS Code, the changelog flag_lng is more consistent.

🤑 A good deal: Google has just set up a partnership with the raywenderlich site flag_lng, to offer the Flutter Apprentice book flag_lng until early January. But beware, this is the digital version… flag_lng and it is not downloadable… Beside, this is in exchange for your email, of course…

✨ On the Flutter Pull Requests side, we can note:

  • The Tooltip flag_lng Widget will now have a richMessage attribute allowing it to receive content via some TextSpan flag_lng and thus allow full formatting (PR #88539 flag_lng)
  • ElevatedButton, OutlinedButton and TextButton will now have onHover and onFocus callbacks (PR #90689 flag_lng)
  • The flutter command will be easier to understand, thanks to the introduction of args 2.3.0 flag_lng, which makes it possible to categorize the various sub-commands (PR #87747 [GITHUB])
  • The move to Gradle 7.0 was implemented, before being quickly cancelled (PR #90642 flag_lng)

📏 An interesting proposition flag_lng is made on Lint rules for Dart/Flutter: to have a package listing all the rules, to allow then to exclude some easily, but also to have an always updated list. In the meantime, you can use this git flag_lng.

💣 As of 31 January 2022 flag_lng, Apple will require all applications to provide a way to delete a user's account.

🦹‍ On the App Store, users will now be able to easily report "scam" apps flag_lng, i.e. those that are both free and offer malicious in-app payments. However, with a team of 500 people already heavily occupied with app validation, it's not clear how fast this process will go…

📈 A survey of mobile cross-platform frameworks shows Flutter is the most used, ahead of React Native, Cordova, Ionic and Xamarin.

📉 While iOS is known for being quickly installed by users, several studies come together to say that iOS 15 is less widely accepted than its predecessors. Take MixPanel figures flag_lng, which show an adoption rate of 22.22% compared to 41.97% at the same time last year. Here is one reason for this: Apple is still bringing security updates to iOS 14, which was not the case before.

💰Paddle, a widely used solution for purchasing Mac apps, already offers its in-app payment solution for iOS. But knowing that Apple has just appealed in the Apple vs Epic Games lawsuit, I am not sure if it will be usable any time soon…

🚗 Flutter in a Tesla? Yes, it's totally possible flag_lng thanks to the internal browser and Dartpad!

🌟 Flutter Flow flag_lng, the Flutter-based no-code tool introduced along with Flutter 2.2, is now available in version 2.0.

💸 You've probably heard about it: the entire Facebook ecosystem was down for several hours last week flag_lng. Now, this had consequences for Mark Zuckerberg: in the space of a few minutes, he lost $6bn and thus made him slip to sixth place flag_lng in the Richest Men, behind Bernard Arnault or Bill Gates.


Did you know that?

How old do you think email is? Well, 40 years old this October. It was created in 1971 (we don't know the exact date) by Ray Tomlinson, an American government engineer working on the Arpanet project (the ancestor of the Internet). In concrete terms, he built two programs: one called SNDMSG (to send a message) and the other, Readmail (which is used in reverse to receive and then read it).

For such a system to work, however, one important piece of information was missing: how to identify the sender and the recipient. It was at this point that the engineer decided to use the famous 'arobase' symbol. At the time, this symbol was not used by any word in the current vocabulary. The very first e-mail address was his: tomlinson@bbn-tenexa.

Thus, the very first e-mail in history was actually sent one day in October 1971, between two computers that were, in fact, in the same room. As Ray Tomlinson remembers it, the content of that first e-mail was simply "QWERTYUIOP", i.e. the first row of keys on QWERTY keyboards.

Dart/Flutter articles and tutorials

Tips & tricks

The tweet

Twitter logo
How do you create a Flutter card layout that grows horizontally up to a given width, then remains fixed at that width just like in this example?
Image tweet

Last week, this article flag_lng was mentioned in the newsletter and gave you tips on how to optimise your layouts; you can also get the gorgeous responsive effect highlighted by Andrea Bizzotto. The code is available here flag_lng.

Dart/Flutter libraries

Lib style_cron_job

style_cron_job : Scheduling recurring tasks

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

Do you need to run tasks repeatedly (e.g., every X minutes)? This package will help you do this, but beware as the code does not seem to handle "alarms" and should only work if the application is in the foreground. If needed, here is an article explaining the use of the library flag_lng.

Lib styled_widget

styled_widget : Another way to call Widgets

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

We've all got used to Flutter's Declarative UI fashion, but why not simplify the writing even further? That's what this package does by offering the possibility to write: YourWidget()

.padding(all: 10)


The video

Image Share Android Studio/IntelliJ settings

Share Android Studio/IntelliJ settings

Want to share your IntelliJ or Android Studio settings across multiple computers? It's possible and this video shows you how to host them on a Git.

The tools

Image Outil Flutter Design Patterns

Flutter Design Patterns : All design patterns explained

This site is a marvel for all the developers who wonder how to implement a given design pattern in Flutter. For each one, you will find its explanation, code in Dart/Flutter with possibly a demonstration and even an associated Medium article. A real nugget 🤌 !

Image Outil Gollum

Gollum : A Wiki generated from a Git

Here's a handy tool for anyone who's into Git and Markdown or Rdoc. You just have to put your different files, version them if needed, then everything is done "automagically". But this wiki doesn't stop there, as you can add UML diagrams, write BibTeX and much more!

Image Outil Changelogs

Changelogs : The art of changelogs

A long time ago, I remember looking forward to new versions of Captain Train (bought up by Trainline), because the changelogs were written with humour. It's not a big deal, but it's the kind of small detail that builds audience loyalty.

But let's get back to the main topic: changelogs. The site shows you a gallery of different pages to give you an idea of the presentation, but also guides you on how to write the content.

Job offers, assignments and internships

In partnership with Flutter Jobs

Senior Flutter Developer - United States Only

2Book, Inc - Remote in USA only - company in Charleston, SC, USA

We are seeking a Remote Senior Flutter Developer based in the United States to join our team of engineers in Mount Pleasant, SC. At this time we are not looking for candidates outside of the United States to fill this Remote/Telecommute position. You'll have the opportunity to work on software solutions that utilize modern web technologies to provide world-class solutions that serve the wellness industry. In addition to the details outlined below, the successful candidate will have expert level understanding and experience with Object Oriented Programming and the Flutter framework, will be self motivated, and have a love for learning and new technology. Charm, a winning smile, a couple of eccentricities, and a great sense of humor will fit nicely into our culture.

Senior Mobile Developer, Flutter (or keen on learning it)

IDT - Helsinki, Finland or Remote in Europe

Want to build applications used by millions of customers - to keep in touch and share resources with their friends and family around the world? We are looking for a senior mobile developer to join us developing the next generation version of our BOSS Revolution Money Transfer app. This position requires strong interest in Flutter, but your background can be any mobile platform. If you already know Flutter, great. If not, that's ok too - we're looking for smart people who are also quick learners. The code must flow.

Are you looking for a Flutter talent? Send them to Flutter Jobs!

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