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Issue 04 (09/20/2021)

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The news

Image iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are available today!

New versions for users
We will skip the details of the new iPhones and iPads presented by Apple, and rather focus on operating systems. As of today (September 20), stable versions of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and watchOS 15 will be made available to users. MacOS will have to wait a little longer, probably for the keynote in October.

Submit your applications!
Even before the new versions are rolled out to users, you can submit your apps to the App Store. Be they iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, you can submit them via XCode. For the time being, this targeting to versions 15 is recommended, but will become mandatory as of April 2022 flag_lng. By then, new versions of Flutter should ensure platform stability and allow for smooth deployment.

Apple launches marketing tools… online!
In the utmost discretion, Apple has also put online a service to facilitate the creation of banners for the App Store (e.g., promotion, update…)

Image Pub will now (better) support private dependencies!

Pub is cool… but…
When your Flutter project needs to download third-party dependencies, Pub.dev is a goldmine. But what if your company develops its own libraries and you don't want to make them public? Typically, a Git repo is used, but it's not as intuitive as Pub is.

A private pub?
No one thought so anymore, as the ticket on GitHub flag_lng seemed to be gathering dust, as it was initiated in January 2016! Now closed and redirected to an accepted Pull Request flag_lng, when you do a pub login, nothing will change and you will still log in to Pub.dev.

On the other hand, if you have a self-hosted instance of Pub (see projet on GitHub flag_lng), you will have access to the pub token add <url> command. It will then allow you to identify yourself in parallel on this instance. Inasmuch as the Pull Request was only validated a few days ago, you will have to wait at least for Dart's next stable release to benefit from it.

Image Ubuntu needs Flutter contributors!

Flutter and Canonical: an increasingly intimate relationship
Back in July 2020 flag_lng, Canonical (the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution) announced that it was helping the Flutter project to create applications for Linux.

A few months later, at the 2021 Flutter Engage flag_lng, the company took a further step by announcing that from now on all applications developed for the distribution will be designed in Flutter. A bing bang indeed!

Successful first development
Before announcing this changeover, Ubuntu's developers made sure of the framework's quality. The first step was to develop a fundamental part of the distribution: its installer. Following good feedback, it will be deployed in version 21.10 (October 2021), before being upgraded to the LTS version scheduled to be released in April 2022.

The Settings application
Among the many applications in the operating system there is the Settings application. The development team has already been able to work on a skeleton application, but more needs yet to be done. That is why they have just launched a call for contributions. If you have time to spare for this project, please apply flag_lng.

Miscellaneous news in brief

New versions of Flutter are available : 2.5.1 (stable - changelog flag_lng) and 2.6.0-5.2.pre (dev & beta).

🧹 Now that Flutter 2.5 has been released, a number of APIs that were previously deprecated will be completely removed in the next iteration (list flag_lng).

🧭 Since Flutter 2.0, web support has been described as stable by Google. In an article published in Medium flag_lng, the Flutter team gives an update on what has been delivered, and then what they are currently working on (camera plugin, trackpad support, a web-style add-to-app…).

🚘 At Flutter Engage, Toyota announced that they were working on a Flutter-based interface for their vehicles. An early brick has just been released flag_lng, but it is "only" the Flutter embedder.

📱 In terms of rumors, the next version of Android (Android 12) could be released on 4 October next flag_lng. Likewise flag_lng, an intermediate version "12.1" could be released with the Google Pixel 6.

🧑💻 Google has just released Wear OS stable libraries flag_lng so we can start developing for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

🧑💻 Swift version 5.6 has been available (latest releases flag_lng) since last week, as has Java version 17 (see release notes flag_lng). A YouTube video flag_lng presents the main new features and benchmarks show an improvement of this version's performance.

🔗 The Chrome User Agent will be progressively modified to contain less personal information. The roadmap is all spelled out in this article flag_lng.

🤒 So, you bought a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air with an M1 processor? A class-action lawsuit has just been filed flag_lng in California due to multiple screen problems. Worth checking out!

🤖 Apple provides simulators for iOS, iPadOS… A very ambitious project aims to create an emulator! There is still a lot to do, flag_lng but hats off to the developers working on it.

📬 Mailchimp, the tool that manages many newsletters (including Flutter Digest) has been acquired by the Intuit company flag_lng… at a price of 12 billion dollars!

🤲 The famous Archive website flag_lng needs financing. For the record, it is the great library that allows you to go back in time to see the state of sites.

🪦 Silverlight, Microsoft's technology initially touted as the "future of Flash" never made it to the mainstream. Its support is scheduled to end on 12 October flag_lng.


Did you know that?

In 1993, web browsers first began to display images. For some, this may remind you of sites with animated GIFs all over the place. Now, the researchers at the University of Cambridge actually saw this as an opportunity to show the world their coffee machine: codename XCoffee!

Indeed, the very first webcam was created at this time to present this celebrated coffee machine. Question: Why this type of equipment? Quite simply to allow the researchers in the building to avoid needlessly moving around when the coffee machine was running.

The coffee machine, which became famous, was used until 2001 and has even been featured in The Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian. To find out more about the history of this renown machine, please read this article.

Dart/Flutter articles and tutorials

Dart/Flutter libraries

Lib former

former : Creating forms

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

I will never deny it, Flutter is a fabulous framework for designing applications. Then again, you have to admit that some elements are not easy to understand, by far: Navigator 2.0… or forms! If you come from the React world, Formik flag_lng is a name that comes up regularly. Well, some developers have ported its behavior to Flutter! You can either use former flag_lng use former [PUB] which uses code generation or LoForm flag_lng which offers another approach.

Lib calendar_view

calendar_view : Display a calendar on a monthly or weekly basis…

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

There are many libraries for displaying calendars, but this one can boast it is both complete and similar to Google Calendar type applications. You will have access to views – per month, week or day… in short, everything you could ask for!

The tools

Image Outil Appetize.io

Appetize.io : Tools for vector images on Flutter

Appetize.io is nothing new, but it is a very handy tool when developing. Sending apps to clients is always quite cumbersome, what with links, downloads, different versions…

Appetize.io's concept is to allow native mobile applications (Android or iOS) to run in a browser. This service, designed for developers, can be readily used with Fastlane or Bitrise, but beware of the bill, as the free version reaches its free ceiling very quickly.

Image Outil Andromo

Andromo : No-code based on Flutter

Flutter is an excellent framework for both developers and designers, as the widgets design is so simple. But writing code still puts many people off.

The Andromo platform has fully got to grips with this, offering a sort of 'best of both worlds'. With the help of a No-code interface, Flutter code will be generated in the background, to finally export Android or iOS applications.

The video

Image Overlapping avatars

Overlapping avatars

Matthew Carroll has a YouTube channel flag_lng in which he sets himself ever so impressive challenges. This week he created overlapping avatar images. You might say a basic Stack is enough… but Matthew does a much better job of adding some nice animations. The live-coding takes about an hour. For the most eager among you, the code is available on GitHub flag_lng.

Flutter books

Image livre Closure: (JSONConfig) => String from Function 'title':.

Are you more of a book person than the tutorial type? Following a tweet flag_lng from Vladimir Romashkin, here's a list of the main Flutter books available, sorted in order of releases (from the most recent, to the oldest).

In full transparency, the Amazon links are sponsored and allow the newsletter to collect a few cents on each sale 🙏.

Job offers, assignments and internships

In partnership with Flutter Jobs

Experienced iOS Flutter Developer

Startup - Remote

We're a team of 5 looking to bring in a confident and experienced Flutter developer to work with our designer to deliver a high quality product - This is a role some somebody who is a good communicator and is available over 20 hours a week for the next 3-6 months. This will hopefully become a large role based on an initial successful trial.

Flutter Intership

Loopspeed - Remote - company in UK

We are looking for an couple of interns with experience in app development. You will be working with an app developer called Loopspeed on an exciting new project. From design the user interface, to coding the backend.

Are you looking for a Flutter talent? Send them to Flutter Jobs!

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