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Issue 03 (09/13/2021)

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The news

Image Apple to unveil new iPhones this week

Apple is about to follow suit: new iPhones are being unveiled in September, sometimes with other related products like the AirPods 3 or the Apple Watch Series 7. Without filling you in on the hundreds of rumors that are flooding the web, the keynote will take place this Tuesday at 7pm on Apple's YouTube channel flag_lng.

But why is this so interesting?
Beyond the presentation of the iPhones, what's most noteworthy is the release of the various stable operating systems: iOS, iPadOS, TV OS, Watch OS… So, plan your Tuesday evening to download the new SDKs, as they are generally heavy to download.

A tip of the trade
A personal word of advice: wait for a few iterations before updating your devices. Apple is unfortunately no longer a paragon in this game. This tip is all the more relevant as the company has announced it will continue to support iOS 14 for security updates. You can use the simulator in the meantime if you have a Mac… or use the Mac M1 rentals from MacStadium flag_lng or Scaleway flag_lng.

Image The next version of Android is close at hand

For many weeks, Google has been releasing test versions of Android's next iteration (12). The latest beta version is also described as "final" flag_lng, which suggests an imminent release. For context, Android 11 was released last year on 8 September.

Is Flutter ready?
It all depends… If we're talking about the new graphical theme, Material You, it's not rated as stable by the UI/UX team at Google. Therefore, whether on Android or Flutter, support is only partial at this point.

Finally, the default projects on Flutter 2.5 still target Android 11 APIs. We'll probably have to wait for the next iteration of Flutter (2.7?) in three months for the switch to be effective. But in practice this won't stop your application from working properly, you just won't be enjoying the new Android APIs at first. Are they really useful, though?

Image Renault presented its first car with Android Automotive and an ARM chip

New car announcements don't normally grab our attention, but the presentation of the new Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric flag_lng still belongs in these posts. It is one of the French manufacturer's flagship models, with several million units sold each year. But above all, it will incorporate two major innovations: an ARM processor from Qualcomm and the Android Automotive interface.

Android Automotive?
Android Auto (like Apple Carplay) is all about connecting your phone to your car, whether it's wired or not. The smartness is therefore not in the car, but on the smartphone. In contrast, Android Automotive runs on the entire dashboard: from the odometers to the centre console. For security reasons, however, the essential elements of the car remain on an in-house OS to warrant reliability.

Why is this so interesting?
Android Automotive is synonymous with Google Play and the possibility of creating applications for this brand-new world. Unlike Android Auto, Android Automotive has access to the state of the car and can even change them: a case in point being the management of the air conditioning. So now is the time to think about application concepts!

Miscellaneous news in brief

✨ On the Pull requests side, we can note:

  • The Autofill mechanism (pre-filling a password with Dashlane for example) can now be easily disabled (PR #86312 flag_lng)
  • The different classes around text editing are being split up, to better separate the different responsibilities (PR #86736 flag_lng)
  • Good to know, the CheckboxListTile, SwitchListTile and RadioListTile widgets will have three new attributes: visualDensity, focusNode and enableFeedback (PR #89353 flag_lng)

🐢 Did you notice that the double.floor() method in Dart was not the most efficient? This was discovered by a developer and will soon be fixed.

💸 By 22 October, you may be asked for additional information about your bank flag_lng on App Store Connect. If you're having trouble with the input, this Twitter thread should get you unstuck.

📱 Germany would like smartphone manufacturers to offer software updates for 7 years flag_lng. Of course the consortium of major manufacturers decided against it. But, on the other hand and even though Apple is regularly criticized, it is worth noting that iOS 15 will support the iPhone 6S released in 2015 (6 years).

🤯 People have gone nuts! A developer has set out to create a minimalist Android emulator coded in Rust. He is proud to explain his implementation: very enlightening!

🤦♂️ Windows 11 will be released on October 05 (the day Steve Jobs died, what a good idea Microsoft…) and some bugs in the test versions hardly prompt the transition. Indeed, an advert has made the taskbar and the desktop inoperative flag_lng, no less!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 The Dart and Flutter teams are still hiring like crazy at Google. Feel free to have a look at the different positions offered flag_lng.


Did you know that?

You thought Flutter was just an opensource framework developed by Google? Well, it's also the name of a British company specializing in sports betting flag_lng, gaming and entertainment, with over fourteen million customers worldwide!

Flutter articles and tutorials

Dart & Flutter Tips & Tricks

The tweet

Twitter logo
#Flutter #Dart #CSS CSS vs Flutter. Flutter the containers with shadows., How to create BoxShadow with CSS box-shadow?, 21 amazing containers with CSS box-shadow in Flutter for the next app., 🧵👇
Image tweet

The tweet (and the various replies that follow) show how to implement "Box-Shadow" in both CSS and Flutter. More than 20 are shown!

Dart/Flutter libraries

Lib flutter_map_tile_caching

flutter_map_tile_caching : Caching maps

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

The flutter_map plugging flag_lng is similar to Leaflet, i.e. it offers a wrapper around several map providers. You want Google Maps? No problem! More like the OpenStreetMap? It supports it…

Very practical, this library does not however manage the notion of caching. And that's exactly what flutter_map_tile_caching flag_lng does, by offering to automatically download tiles, choose an area, or even better with a point area.

Lib nested

nested : How to avoid having childs, in childs, in childs…

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

Your Widgets build method sometimes looks like a huge tree, simply composed of a Widget, which integrates another Widget, which itself calls up another one… We've gotten used to this "cascade" of Widgets, but the Nested library makes it all clearer. As you can see on the illustration, the different Widgets are "flattened" to avoid this problem.

The tools

Image Outil Flutter Shape Maker

Flutter Shape Maker : Tools for vector images on Flutter

Vector is not well supported by Flutter. What with icon fonts, external dependencies… it's hard to figure out what to do. The idea of Flutter Shape Maker is to offer three tools:
- SVG To Custom Paint: transforms an SVG file into a Flutter Widget using a CustomPaint
- Shape Maker Web: an online interface to draw and export the result as a Widget
- Shape Maker Desktop: the same as Shape Maker Web… but in a native application for Windows or macOS

Image Outil git-cliff

git-cliff : Generate changelogs automatically

A new version of your application is available? You will probably have to write the changelog by hand… Well, that was back then! Thanks to this tool, you can create it automatically around the git history. Fairly powerful, you can filter messages, apply parsers

The video

Image How to improve scroll animations in Flutter

How to improve scroll animations in Flutter

Smartphone screens may be getting bigger and bigger, but the scroll mechanism is still a staple of this form factor. In this video, you will learn not how to scroll content, but rather how to customize the scroll animation to make your application more attractive. Be careful not to overdo it though ;)

Job offers, assignments and internships

In partnership with Flutter Jobs

Senior Mobile Engineer

simpleclub - Remote - company in Germany

simpleclub is Germany's most popular digital learning platform. We offer a personalized learning experience to students, powered by the best content. As a Senior Mobile Engineer within the Engineering team, you'll be developing new product functionalities and as well as contributing to simpleclub Flutter App's architecture. As we are scaling, you will take an important part in the growth of our team and contribute to the successful collaboration between our departments.

Flutter Developer

newstartup - Remote - company in India

This is a new startup working on building mobile applications. Looking to hire a flutter developer with knowledge of state management using provider pattern. Knowledge of Firebase is also required.

Are you looking for a Flutter talent? Send them to Flutter Jobs!

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