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Issue 14 (11/29/2021)

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Let's discover an upcoming feature…

Image Named Arguments Anywhere

The advantage of the opensource world is that you can test beforehand features that will only be released several months later. Dart is no exception, since you can activate flags to discover certain features.

Today we are going to look at Named Arguments Anywhere flag_lng. In concrete terms, when you have positioned parameters and named arguments, only this syntax is allowed:

void method(int arg1, int arg2, {int arg3}) {}

method(1, 2, arg3: 3);

With Named Arguments Anywhere, you can write instead :

method(arg3: 3, 1, 2);
If you want to test this in your code, the name of the experiment is named-arguments-anywhere. There is still bmuch work to be done before it is fully available. But being dubbed "small-feature" flag_lng, there's a good chance it'll be here soon!

Miscellaneous news in brief

✨ On the Pull Requests side, we can note:

  • It will soon be easier to create plugins with Dart FFI thanks to a dedicated template (PR #94101 flag_lng)
  • The implementation of Material 3 continues and we see that there is still a lot of work to do (PR #91772 flag_lng)
  • The "Scan Text" feature available on iOS 15 will arrive in the default actions on Flutter text fields (PR #93911 flag_lng)

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✨ What's the buzz on the plugin/community side?

  • Google is changing its mind about "federated" plugins and in particular about shared preferences flag_lng. Instead of having one plugin for Android/iOS, another for the web and one for each desktop platform (Windows/macOS/Linux), each platform will have its own. Specifically, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, the web and Windows now each have their own plugin (PR #4526 flag_lng).
  • The Flutter website now displays a section dedicated to plugins implementations written in pure Dart flag_lng. This can happen for example with FFI, where there is only Dart.

📊 Google has updated the Android usage statistics flag_lng and it shows that Android 11 (2020) is used by 24.2% of users, Android 10 (2019) by 26.5%… In short, there is always this two-year gap between a release and usage by the majority of users.

⌚ After many releases and name changes, it seems that Google and Samsung's efforts on connected watches are starting to pay off flag_lng. In a single quarter, Wear OS has gone up from 4% to 17% market share! A nice craze, especially since all this was only possible by one model: the Galaxy Watch 4.

🎨 Released in 2013, the Google Play site flag_lng had hardly ever evolved since. For the past few days, some users have been entitled to a brand new interface flag_lng, which is very welcome indeed!

✍️ Google has just launched the latest round of polls for Flutter in 2021 flag_lng. Feel free to take it!

📀 Microsoft offers free images flag_lng (but time-limited) for VMWare, Hyper-V, VirtualBox and Parallels with a whole development environment: Windows 11, Visual Studio 2019… Very handy for developing applications for Windows.

👁️ Coming soon in ChromeOS, a notification will appear flag_lng if during a video conference, someone is looking over your shoulder.

Dart/Flutter articles and tutorials

Tips & tricks

Image Tips

The tweet

Twitter logo
Interesting discussion about @dart_lang `mixin` https://github.com/dart-lang/language/issues/1942 feature by @munificentbob Blue heart I stumbled on it while looking at enabled linting rules in the #Flutter repo, via this https://github.com/dart-lang/linter/issues/3018 See also this discussion https://github.com/dart-lang/language/issues/33
Image tweet

Mike Rydstrom unearthed this discussion on Flutter's GitHub about mixin. It's still just thoughts, but the idea would be to allow the extends keyword with the mixin keyword. Feel free to join the debate!

Dart/Flutter libraries

Lib desktoasts

desktoasts : Display a popup on Windows

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

Toasts are those little messages that you can display to users. This library allows you to generate them for Windows, so that they arrive in its notifications. Note that you can attach an image to them, if needed.

Lib Lonate

Lonate : Many utilities

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

This package offers you a lot of useful functions on your lists (fill, drop, compact…), strings (change the formatting…) or memoize. Each one is available through utility classes or function extensions.

Lib Display a progress bar on the command line

Display a progress bar on the command line : Afficher une barre de progression en ligne de commande

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

Dart is not only useful for Flutter, as it can also be used directly on the command line. This utility allows you to add a dynamic progress bar.


Image Designing a game with the Flame engine

Designing a game with the Flame engine

Majid Hajian (Google Developer Expert on Dart/Flutter and co-organiser of Flutter Vikings) does a peer programming session with one of the creators of the Flame engine flag_lng. This is a game engine specially designed for Flutter. In this video, they explain how to create a very simple 2D game.

Image Videos from droidcon London

Videos from droidcon London

Although droidcon are Android oriented events, more and more sessions are dedicated to Flutter. During the last edition, no less than some ten presentations took place and are already available in replay: running code in the background flag_lng, tests in Dart/Flutter flag_lng, Riverpod 1.0 flag_lng

The tools

Image Outil AppFlowy

AppFlowy : Notion in Flutter

Notion.so is a tool that needs no introduction, but it has several drawbacks. On the one hand, its code is closed (or non-open source) and it becomes expensive depending on the features you need. AppFlowy is a 100% opensource alternative that has the particularity of being developed in Flutter Web! Less complete than its competitor indeed, it is worth looking into, but it is up to you to manage the hosting.

Image Outil SVGCode

SVGCode : From non-vector to SVG

Vector images have the advantage of significantly reducing the size of your applications, as you don't have to provide them in different densities. But sometimes you are only given JPEGs, PNGs… and so it is difficult to do otherwise. Not so! With this tool, you can convert static images to SVG. Of course, the images must not be too complex, but the result is amazing.

Image Outil Ozzillate

Ozzillate : Share your files with sound

To share your files today, you probably use WeTransfert or tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive… But that's a bit of an overkill when you're local (and not good for the planet either). There is an alternative to share content by sound. You just open a browser, turn on the mic and the propagation happens without even needing an account!

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