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Issue 13 (11/22/2021)

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A discussion

Image Let's stop the carnage

While I always try to refrain from sharing my opinion on newsletter articles, I will make an exception on this "news" around the Dart/Flutter ecosystem.

Pub's idea is very interesting on paper: providing a centralized directory for our applications dependencies. No need to look in several places, we find everything that is needed for Dart and Flutter.

No moderation
The main problem with Pub is its total lack of moderation. This was proven this week when someone published a fake package to promote his "free" video streaming service flag_lng. Alerted on Twitter, the Google team quickly removed the package. Still, this raises several questions.

Childlike simplicity
Publishing content on Pub is as simple as launching a command flag_lng in a terminal. You have to link a Google account to it, but it's mainly used to bundle the same author's packages/plugins.

How is it possible for a totally new account to be able to do whatever it wants and potentially publish dozens of packages without any control? A spammer on social networks could not wish for more.

A posteriori moderation
However, let's be positive. In case of problem, Google is very quick to remove the content as soon as a ticket on GitHub is published, or even when notified by another medium (like Twitter in the case mentioned above). However, how come there is no "Report" link on the site? A sketchy page for security does exist flag_lng, but we see that Google is clearly providing minimum service here.

Should we trust them?
Such lack of moderation could mean loss of trust. Pub is not the only system that works like this (npm for example) and this debate is not new. The answer is quite acceptable: if the link to the git repo is optional, the code will always be accessible in our projects. Now, who actually reads it?

Name squatting, empty packages…
Having fun looking at the list of the last published packages, how many are there in Hello World? Too many… Similarly, how come it's so easy to nick a product name from a company? No control is made and a developer will always feel more confident if the package name looks official…

So what?
The point is that Pub may not need Apple-like moderation (npm demonstrates this), but stricter automated controls need to be implemented so that the problems listed can be removed and no longer harm the ecosystem image. What about you? What do you think about it? Feel free to share your opinion on Twitter or on Slack.

Miscellaneous news in brief

⏫ A new Flutter beta version is available: 2.8.0-3.2-pre.

The creation of this newsletter takes me several hours each week.

You want to support the project and allow it to last in time? For that, you can donate from 1 euro on Patreon!

Support-me on Patreon

✨ On the Pull Requests side, we can note:

  • The flutter doctor command line now displays the Flutter DevTools (PR #93065 flag_lng) version
  • The CupertinoButton flag_lngWidget will now have an example in the documentation (PR #93625 [GITHUB])

✨ What about the plugin/community side?

  • In its 2.1.4 version, the package officiel flag_lng for Google Maps will have a method to move the camera by specifying an optional duration (PR #93625 flag_lng)
  • The Google Mobile Ads SDK flag_lng plugin for Flutter is now available in stable version
  • On the package Dio flag_lng, the request interceptors are now working concurrently. Thanks to QueuedInterceptor flag_lng (version 4.0.2+), you can now be sure they will be launched sequentially, i.e., one after the other

🎨 The institutional part (or rather marketing blah blah blah if you prefer) of the Flutter website flag_lng has been revamped, not in Flutter Web (SEO alas…), but in Alpine.js flag_lng.

🖥️ CodeMagic, the mobile-oriented CI/CD, now has virtual machines on Windows. So you will be able to generate Win32/UW applications  flag_lngin Flutter if you don't have a PC on Windows.

🖊️ The Kotlin language has a new stable version: 1.6.0. You can check out the new features in text or video format flag_lng. Besides, the Paris Android User Group is [organizing a [NONE] session]](https://www.meetup.com/Android-Paris/events/281980514) this week around Kotlin Multiplatform which will be broadcasted live on Twitch… or in person.

⌨️ scrcpy flag_lng, the famous tool to display an Android phone on a computer has a new icon flag_lng, but especially the ability to simulate a real USB keyboard in its 1.20 version flag_lng.

🖥️ The Windows App SDK flag_lng (known as Project Reunion) is now available in 1.0 version (stable). No more wanderings with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and hopefully more room will be made for this future-proof solution?

📱 The few of you who use the Huawei AppGallery flag_lng should know that as of February you will only be able to deploy 64-bit Android apps.

📺 For a few months and through a smartphone, users of watches running WearOS can request the remote installation of an application. The same now is true flag_lng with TVs on Android TV and Google TV (Chromecast).

💬 If you use the Twitter API, the company urges you to quickly migrate to the new (V2) version flag_lng, since it offers access to Spaces, polls, etc.

🖌️ Apple's icon library, SF Symbols, has just undergone a 3.1 update with the addition of a few more symbols and "bug fixes". Note however that cupertino_icons flag_lng is still not synchronized with version 3.0… because the team is looking for a solution to problems such as double-tone colors flag_lng.


Did you know…

Did you know the Phone application is also a mail client? No, I didn't make a mistake, since an IMAP client is indeed available to manage the so-called visual voicemail functionality.

In concrete terms, it's up to your operator to take care of redirecting calls to a phone number after five rings. Why the operator, and not your phone, directly? Because without network coverage, your correspondent would wait indefinitely without anything happening.

To access the messages stored on this famous answering machine, you can either use a short number or consult them via a graphic interface. Behind the latter is a relatively respected standard, because a messenger can work on iOS, but not on Android.

Specifically, the initial configuration of the server is sent in SMS format, then the messages go through IMAP. On each message can be found the information on the correspondent in the header, accompanied with an attachment containing the sound in amr format.

If you wish to know more, don't hesitate to read this article.

Dart/Flutter articles and tutorials

Tips & tricks

The tweet

Twitter logo
most helpful javadoc i've ever seen 😒
Image tweet

You already knew comments like setAge: save the age… that is to say, totally useless comments. Well, here is one of another style, just as absurd!

Dart/Flutter libraries

Lib FlexColorScheme

FlexColorScheme : Generate color themes quickly

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

Material or Cupertino enable you to create a theme for your application, declining it as needed in light/dark. If you wish to offer a color palette instead, this library is absolutely brilliant! Thanks to an online editor flag_lng, you can make your first tests, but especially test the various possibilities (thanks Flutter Web). Recently released in 4.0 version, the changelog flag_lng is a mile long. Try it out!

Lib Libadwaita

Libadwaita : Gtk - Adwaita theme for Flutter

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

Gtk is a set of libraries to make graphical interfaces, mainly known on Linux. The Indian community has federated to design the different missing Flutter Widgets, but also to achieve the different color sets.

Lib flutter_wizard

flutter_wizard : Create a questionnaire easily

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

Flutter Wizard is a library that makes it easy to create a questionnaire, while leaving your hands free. Each question is fully configurable and you decide whether the answer is correct. In addition, an optimized graphical interface is offered on tablets/computers with a progression on the side.

The video

Image Let’s keep an open mind

Let’s keep an open mind

.NET MAUI is the successor of Xamarin Forms: a framework for designing applications for Android, iOS, but also Windows and macOS. Despite an expected abysmal delay (more than a year!), Microsoft is starting to publish videos on how to design applications. This one is particularly interesting, as it will walk you through the basics of the framework.

The tools

Image Outil Light to Dark 🌓

Light to Dark 🌓 : Automatically generate dark mode for Sketch

Are you using Sketch to design your graphical interfaces? Thanks to this plugin, you will be able to automatically generate the dark version. Completely free, this extension manages to generate the best… and the worst. To be tested anyway.

Image Outil Blup

Blup : A no-code tool based on Flutter

Blup is a no-code tool that I've been keeping on my radar for a long time, since it generates applications via Flutter. Based on a fat client (not a website), it is divided into three bricks flag_lng. One allows you to design the interfaces, the other to link a backend (AWS, Firebase… or your own) and to assemble the whole thing thanks to functions, or finally, a SQL-type database. It is still on invitation. The project initiators have raised the bridles and you should receive some very quickly.

Image Outil Repobeats

Repobeats : Show cool stats’ on your git

You already know the badges on the README of git repos. Why not go one step further and display statistics? Repobeats allows you to have information about the project status (number of commits), external contributions (pull requests, best contributors…). Beware, only public projects are compatible.

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