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Issue 01 (09/06/2021)

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Here is the very first edition of the Flutter Croissants newsletter! After more than 30 issues in its French version (Flutter Digest), I decided to release it in English so that the whole community can benefit from it.

I hope you will enjoy this first issue and don't hesitate to give me your feedback. Have a good read!

The news

Image Alternative payments: South Korea puts an end to the whole Epic Games vs Apple issue

Epic Games vs Apple issue, various lawsuits worldwide…, the compulsoriness and commissions taken by the App Store and Google Play have been in the spotlight for many months.

South Korea was an exception, however, as Google's payment system was not mandatory for Android apps on Google Play. The American giant was nevertheless in the starting blocks, as from October, Google was not only going to make its payment method compulsory (and unique), but was also going to levy its infamous 30% fee.

But South Korean MPs decided otherwise last Tuesday, as they are now forcing all platforms such as Google Play or App Store to allow third-party developers to use their own payment system. A law that was actually passed by 180 votes in favor and zero against!

This law was expected by many to set an example worldwide. The two giants were quick to show their resentment, claiming that they allow users to make purchases in full security and for developers to reach users throughout the world. Whether South Korea will remain an isolated case or whether this type of decision will spread to other continents is yet to be seen.

Image Apple allows reader apps to link to their site

In addition to the situation in South Korea, and after a lawsuit in Japan that got bogged down, Apple is now allowing applications whose business model is based solely on subscriptions to display a link to their own site. These so-called "reader" applications concern Netflix, Spotify, Kindle or the media, for example, but definitely not games, which are currently very profitable for the company.

If you read this news in its proper context, these applications do not use the App Store's payment methods today. Apple is therefore easing up, but it's essentially a PR move, as nothing changes for the majority of publishers.

Image Chinese children limited to 3 hours of online play per week

The Chinese government does not look favorably on the video game sector, and more particularly on the giant Tencent (though it is Chinese), which is known internationally for its numerous buyouts in the gaming sector (more than fifty since the beginning of 2021!).

The government considers online gaming as nothing more or less than a "spiritual opium". As such, since 2019, it has been impossible for minors to play between 10pm and 8am, nor to string together online sessions lasting more than one and a half hours.

Since last week, restrictions have become much more severe with only a time slot from 8pm to 9pm authorized for young Chinese… and only on weekends (from Friday to Sunday). The various players in the industry must not only comply with these restrictions, but also set up an identity verification system to avoid any fraud. At a cost they will have to bear, of course…

No more online gaming at weekends, but nothing seems to limit the use of applications or games in offline mode for the time being. Whether we approve of this decision or not, it seems surprising not to tackle social networks, which are full of psychological mechanisms to make us come back a little more each day.

Miscellaneous news in brief

⏫ A new version of Flutter is available on the beta channel: 2.5.0-5.3.pre.

Both IDE plugins have been updated:

  • For IntelliJ, version M60 flag_fr supports the latest versions of Android Studio and IntelliJ and simply brings the shortcut "mdof" to write MediaQuery.of(context).
  • For VS Code, the changelog of version 3.26.0 flag_fr shows more new features, especially around the testing part which will use the VS Code test runner, rather than a specific one.

✨ On the Pull requests side, we can note:

  • It is now possible to indicate the location (or rather the alignment) of all Dialog, AlertDialog and SimpleDialog on the screen. This feature is targeted at computers or large screens flag_fr (PR #88984 flag_fr).
  • The DecorationImage object will have some new features: opacity, filterQuality, invertColors and isAntiAlias (PR #88453 flag_fr)
  • It will now be possible to make changes flag_fr to a Drawer (menu on one side of the screen): its background colour (backgroundColor) or its shape (shape) (PR #89237 flag_fr)

📈 A few days ago, IEEE released its cranking of programming languages flag_fr. It shows that Dart is more popular than in the past years.

🔥 Crashlytics will soon improve with "Crashlytics Signals", a new way to highlight detected crashes. For example, a "Early crashes" badge flag_fr will appear in the interface if a crash occurs when the application is launched. If you wish to test the feature, you have to join the alpha programme flag_fr.

🔥 Firebase has a tool to remotely monitor your applications performances flag_fr: Firebase Performance Monitoring. But this requires you to regularly switch to the web console. Soon, alerts will be automatically sent by email. To test this service in alpha, please register here flag_fr.

📚 Packt Publishing is looking for an author to write a book: Flutter Design Patterns and Best Practices. If you're interested, feel free to send an email so you can be brought in touch.

🔥 Are you a Figma user? Material icons are now available in all five variations flag_fr.

📊 A study flag_fr has just showed that over the first half of 2021, consumers spent $41.5b on the App Store, compared to "only" $23.4b on Google Play. Mind you, these are before commission figures, but understandably this represents a huge financial windfall for the two tech' giants.

🤦 The tech' giants are copying each other in every sense: stories, a ClubHouse-style audio lounge… But with some exceptions, the rip-off is always inferior to the original. Hence, LinkedIn is about to stop using stories flag_fr, just after Twitter a few weeks ago. But Amazon is going to put Clubhouse in its Amazon Music flag_fr.

😢 Windows 11 has an official release date: 05 October next… but don't expect Android app support until 2022 at the earliest flag_fr.

📊 Harmony OS, the operating system developed by Huawei, is now deployed on more than 70 million terminals flag_fr… but mainly in China.

👟 Don't ask me why, but there are now Nike Air Force 1s flag_fr in Source Code versions. Geeks: marketers' new target?


Did you know that?

Why are Internet links blue? This is the question an engineer at Mozilla asked herself flag_fr. I advise you to read the whole article to understand her research. Anyhow, it shows that there has never really been a standard: one of the first browsers launched the trend and the others followed.

In concrete terms, this would be Mosaic (Wikipedia entry flag_fr) when it was updated to 0.13 in 1993. At the time, the changelog read: "Changed default anchor representations: blue and single solid underline for unvisited, dark purple and single dashed underline for visited". This is not the most accessible color, but the industry has followed suit anyway.

Also, why are links underlined? This time, it would seem Microsoft 1 was first to do it in 1985!

Flutter articles and tutorials

Tips & tricks on GitHub

The tweet

Twitter logo
@RobertBrunhage or @tadaspetra or @marcuslng do any of you know what this is called and if Flutter has a quick way of doing it. This is a dialog that pops up, and when i swipe it up it goes full screen. It's not expanding on tap, but as I swipe it. #flutter
Image tweet

On Twitter flag_fr, a kind of competition took place last week to reproduce the menu found on Google Maps or Google Photo. It is unique in that it opens on scroll. So, who's got the best solution for you?

Dart/Flutter libraries

Lib flutter_carplay

flutter_carplay : Your Flutter application in your car!

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have become established in our cars over the years. But the library of applications is still very much limited to the classics: music, navigation…

If you think you've found the right idea, there's no need to develop in Objective C/Swift, since this library not only allows you to have the necessary tools to publish it, but also to have the different Widgets optimized for this platform.

Be careful though, Apple is very strict on the guidelines part flag_fr, read them carefully before doing anything.

Lib flutter_isolate

flutter_isolate : Flutter plugins even in Isolates!

Android iOS Web Linux Mac Windows

The Dart/Flutter plugin ecosystem is very comprehensive, but you may have noticed that using them in an Isolate does not work… precisely because each "Isolate" is independent. This plugin makes it possible to use them, by creating all the necessary code for you.

The tools

Image Outil Flutter Sidekick

Flutter Sidekick : Changing Flutter version

Changing Flutter version is not very complicated: you just have to do a flutter channel, then a flutter upgrade. But it gets tricky if several projects need to use several different versions. This is where Sidekick flag_fr comes in: a graphical interface for fvm flag_fr. Practically, you will be able to specify the version you want for each project and even manage several versions within the same channel. A "must-have"!

Image Outil Free-for.dev

Free-for.dev : Spendthrift and broke?

The "free for developers" site is aptly named, as it lists hundreds of tools that offer at least some of the functionalities for free. There are so many categories, it's almost difficult to make a selection!

Job offers, assignments and internships

In partnership with Flutter Jobs

Flutter Developer

Pensionera - Vasagatan 16, Stockholm, Sweden

Pensionera is a Fintech company, rolling at high speed to help our customers get a better insight into their future pension. Do you want to work with Flutter and help us make pension fun, easy and hassel-free? We are looking for a developer who wants to improve and take our app to the next level!

Senior Flutter Developer

PREMATCH Sports - Cologne, Germany, or remote

Prematch is seeking a full-time talented software developer to join our development team and work on Flutter and Dart for our cross-platform mobile application. As the super-platform for non-professional football in Europe, we bring pro-level experiences (news, data, gamification) to the mega community of +190mn football fanatics in the non-pro ecosystem.

Are you looking for a Flutter talent? Send them to Flutter Jobs!

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